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Zachery Ty Bryan began his entertainment career early as a series regular on the ABC hit sitcom “Home Improvement”. As Bryan transitioned from accomplished child actor into teen and adult roles, his career flourished with stints on many other iconic TV series, including “Cold Case”, “E.R.”, “Smallville” and “Veronica Mars”, as well as roles in feature films such as “Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift”, and “The Game of Their Lives”, starring opposite Gerard Butler.

After many fruitful years in front of the camera, Bryan transitioned to television and film production by launching his production entity, Lost Lane Entertainment. Sundance was a special moment for his film, THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER, winning best director and getting rave reviews for Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance and selling to Netflix. He had another little Lost Lane gem titled SKIN premiering at TIFF & based on the Live Action Short Film, SKIN, which won the Oscar early 2019. The Feature Length film won the prestigious FIPRESCI award, voted on by critics. SKIN tells the true story of a Neo-Nazi who turns his back on hatred and violence to transform his life, with the help of a black activist and the woman he loves. A24 will distribute SKIN theatrically and has assured Zach that they will put their full might behind SKIN as they did for prior films, MOONLIGHT, LADY BIRD, THE FLORIDA PROJECT, AMERICAN HONEY, EX MACHINA etc… 

Zachery is eagerly awaiting the release of his documentary FINDING 52, a documentary about the world’s loneliest whale, that is in conjunction with Leonardo DiCaprio and his company, Appian Way. It is currently in post production.

Zachery just completed HEAVY starring Sophie Turner & Daniel Zovatto which is a revenge thriller set in New York and centers on a crazy couple living it up in the high-end drug scene where no one is spared and everyone is to blame. Team HEAVY is currently executing their film festival submissions.

Currently, Zachery is filming WARNING in Poland, directed by Agata Alexander. It’s “Black Mirror” meets “Crash” where loneliness, death and the meaning of life are explored through vastly separate lives colliding in interweaving short stories set on a future Earth.

He has a pretty amazing slate ahead.  The first project is titled PALE, A biblical story about a troubled and unfortunate young man who finds a ray of light in a dark world. But when he is yet again struck by calamity, he submits to the darkness that lives inside him- this boy is PALE. PALE is the 4th and final horseman of the apocalypse and is summoned by God to his calling on earth. This story takes place in an alternative future where  the world is ravaged by corruption.

Another exciting Lost Lane television production is taking the re-boot phenomenon to the next level and is titled ACT-2. This half hour single camera comedy stars Macauley “Mack” Culkin and to be written and directed by Zach’s old alum colleague, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. ACT-2 explores the satirical celebrity lifestyle website and podcast, Bunny Ears, spearheaded by Mack, in a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” meets “The Office” world of absurdity that can’t possibly be true – or can it? The show is about a famous kid reemerging in a world he left behind on purpose and on his own terms.

Zachery lives in Newport Beach, California with his wife of twelve years, Carly, and their daughters Gemma, Taylor, Jordana & son Pierce. 

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