PLUCKER BROTHERS (feature film)
Director: Julien Lasseur
Writer: Brian Groh
A dessert tale of fame and misfortune as two estranged brothers reunite with their past as child star musicians on the Reno strip to bury their overbearing manager/father only to discover one of their old recordings is worth a fortune if they can steal it back.


PALE (feature film)
Writer: Seth Miller
A troubled and unfortunate young man finally finds a ray of light in a dark world. But when he is yet again struck by calamity he submits to the darkness that lives inside him.


DADDY ISSUES (feature film – female driven comedy)
Writer: Maria Bertrand & Meg McCaig
A coming of age story about three adult women who should have already grown the fuck up… but can’t seem to escape the relationship dysfunction they learned from their fathers.


BUNNY EARS – ACT 2.0 (tv series – single camera black comedy)
A satirical celebrity lifestyle website and podcast about the “Bunny Ears Posse” and also about second “acts” and being a famous kid and reemerging in a world you’ve purposefully avoided as an adult and on your own terms. Think “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “The Office” meets the absurd world of Bunny Ears.
CAST: Macaulay “Mack” Culkin & friends


HOW HARD CAN IT BE (reality tv series – scripted and hidden camera set-ups)
Two best friends, Tony and Tyler – a small town boy and an aging child actor – highlight the terrifyingly mundane pitfalls of everyday tasks that can spiral out of control in a way that only they can. How Hard Can It Be? is a “no holds barred” look at just how difficult a normal life can be and the thousands of problems that lie just beneath the surface of the mundane. It’s “Workaholics” meets “Nathan For You” meets “Impractical Jokers”.


PISTOL WHIPPED (tv series)
When a hard-nosed cop with an itchy trigger finger is involved in a yet another questionable shooting the police department confiscates his weapon and issues him a politically correct A.I. gun programmed to use force as a last result. The talking gun is less a deadly weapon and more an annoying killjoy, sparking an unlikely partnership.


RISK IT & LIST IT! (reality tv series)
Created By: Zachery Ty Bryan, Darrel Campbell
Cast: Carly Bryan, Scott Cross
Often the homeowner has no clue as to why the home they love isn’t attracting a buyer, that’s where the creativity and experience of our hosts of Risk it & List it! come into play. The episodes of Risk it and List it! will be designed to be relatable and many of the techniques and trade secret our hosts share will seem attainable to our audience regardless of income.


HUMAN BEANS (animated tv series)
In a world of leftist looney tunes, eternally offended soyboys, and thought police, two politically incorrect, yet delightfully dramatic brothers set off in search of fame and fortune in Hollywood, inadvertently catapulting themselves into a hornet’s nest of politically, socially, and culturally explosive situations that no other show dare touch. This is “Family Guy” meets “South Park”.


OG’s (tv series)
This is the story of the streets – of the real rulers of our modern world – of the men who peddle drugs, who sell sex, who build kingdoms of bullets and blood. These kings have titles like drug dealer, pimp, gangsta, and their kingdoms have names like Bloods, Crips, MS-13, Triads. The streets are their battlefields, the slums and ghettos are the lands they rule.


FINDING 52 (documentary)
Director: Joshua Zeman
Producers: Leonardo DiCaprio, Zachery Ty Bryan, Maria Bertrand, Adrian Grenier, Jim Jacobsen, Jonathan Shukat, Joshua Zeman


READY ROCK (tv series)
Created by: Zachery Ty Bryan & Dennis Fallon
Producers: Zachery Ty Bryan, Steven Palmer, Rick Ross


BACKYARD BROTHERS (reality tv series) HGTV/DIY Network
Created by: Zachery Ty Bryan, Darrel Campbell, Clay Hauk
Cast: Clay Hauk, Nick Hauk


HEAVY (feature)
Director: Jouri Smit
Writer: Seth Miller
Cast: Sophie Turner, Daniel Zovatto
Producers: Zachery Ty Bryan, Dillon Jordan, Jouri Smit, David Atrakchi
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